Types and causes of sweating

1. Sweaty hands

Käsien hikoiluSweaty hands can effectively been treated with ESB 4 procedure. Its cause is often idiopathic and remains obscure; sweaty hands are most probably multifactorial. In some cases they are clearly genetically inherited. Other causes may be psychodynamic.

2. Facial sweating

Kasvojen hikoiluFacial sweating can effectively be treated with ESB 3 or ESB 4 procedure. It is very often associated with blushing, although not always. Causes of facial sweating may include some difficulties in early childhood, most notably the feeling of being an unwished child.

3. Underarm sweating

This sweating type is the most common. Today there is a means to reduce it, too, without a significant risk of side effects with ESB 4 or 5. It also can be treated locally with Botox treatment.