Types of blushing

Shyness blushing

You may have been very shy in early childhood, blushing easily already then. Adolescence may have added only slightly to the proneness to blush.

Dating difficultyPeople who suffer from childhood blushing have often had quite a happy childhood, but the they may have lived in somewhat isolated surroundings such as in a rural area with no other people nearby, or in a small village. Their upbringing has typically been pretty formal, and in many cases there have been high parental expectations of decent and obedient behavior, even physical punishment. Often other members of the family, for example one of the parents or another child, also have suffered from a similar type of blushing. This is explained by the heredity of  family characteristics.

This blushing type responds very well to endoscopic sympathetic block (ESB) 2.

Conflicted-type blushing

You may not have been a blusher in early childhood; blushing may not have begun until later on in childhood. It may have begun when, for example, you have felt it difficult to meet teachers’ expectations. Your social communication skills have suffered from early setback in a group setting at school. There may even have been bullying by schoolmates. Many of conflicted-type blushers have difficulties in forming intimate relationships or even normal relations with the opposite sex. The affected person tries to make contacts, but has to withdraw once and again due to the embarrassing blushing reaction. If you belong to this group of blushers, you will probably be very much helped by ESB procedure.

If you suffer from  both sweating and blushing

You may have been a blusher in the adolescence, but since then, sweating has little by little overcome the blushing. Sweating associated with this form of blushing is usually limited to the face or to the head, but sometimes the pattern is more general. Many suffer from stage frights, and there may a habit of easing the stage fright with a drink or two. Facial sweating sometimes may be a sign of the feeling of existential anxiety – was I actually a wished for child at all? This type of situation is best helped with ESB 3 or 4 sympathetic block procedure.