Side effects of ESB

Side effects of Sympathetic Block (ESB)

Functional changes of the heart:

-Resting pulse is lowering 10-20% and it stays a little lower level than before ESB

-Tendency for palpitations is lowering

-Maximal pulse is lowering and therefore some tiredness can be found during first months

-Heart`s beating volume increases and this is the reason for lowering of the pulse

-Blood pressure is lowering 10-20%

-Arythmia and tendency for atrial fibrillation diminishes

-Circulation of coronary arteries increases and therefore the risk for heart infarct and sudden death related to heart diseases diminishes

Other side effects:

-The hands and the face may get drier

-Greasy of hair diminishes

-Compensatory sweating increases in 20-30% of the patients and is mostly well bearable. If compensatory sweating is too severe, clips should be removed during 1-2 months

When ESB is done against facial sweating, hands sweating or axillary sweating it is important to do block to the lower level:

-ESB3 against Facial sweating

-ESB4 against hands sweating or axillary sweating